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Colegio Mexicano de Ortopedia y Traumatología
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jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Discusión entre pares

Pre and post op
40 yr male

  • Mohamed Saleh Plate fibula would be better

  • Kuharajan Ramalingam Agreed with fibula plating.

  • Hosam Elshikh good work

  • Ashraf Mousa Orabi post op xray showing ankle plz

  • Sourabh Mukherjee I had done a similar rush nailing but there were deep abrasions on the lateral aspect of the distal leg so a fibula pating was not possible. But it united in 4 months

  • Javed Shaikh Nice dicision ... but Ankle is still in vulgus.... bettr to put a slab in neutral.... and delayed wt bearing...

  • Rajesh Gadhiya Very good fixation. This being a axially unstable fracture, I would have done proximal static locking as well. Otherwise well done.

  • Tushar Gupta Distally there should have been atleast three screws

  • Prakash Chandra Verma good operation

  • Rajendra Prasad Good work.I am used to do similarly but I use k -wire with slightly bent and cut tip and distally angulated to fibular curve for fibula fracture.tibia distally all three screws if solid purchase.

  • Ashutosh Chaudhari Excellent overall alignment , an expert nail might have allowed more distal locking ,not sure but the proximal screws appears either at fracture site or very close to it